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Golf Club Lie Angle: Your Questions Answered on What is it and why does it matter?

Today we’re talking about ‘Lie angle’, what it is, why it’s important and why your ball flight is affected when it’s wrong.

Not all seven irons are made equal. You’ve probably noticed that golf clubs come in all shapes and sizes and every manufacturer seems to have their own ‘take’ on what makes the ‘best golf club’. 

So when looking for the right clubs for you, it’s important to understand how each measurement affects your ball flight. For another article on learning to understand your ball flight, ‘Click Here’.

What is the golf club Lie Angle?

The ‘Lie Angle’ of a golf club refers to the angle between the club shaft and the ground when the grooves on the clubface are parallel to the ground and the club-shaft is perpendicular to the ground.

golf club lie angle. What it is, how to measure it and why lie angle is important.

Do all golf clubs have a ‘standard’ lie angle?

No. Different brands have a different ‘lie angle’ for an equivalent club. For example, the lie angle of a seven iron from Mizuno is 61.5°, whilst a seven iron made by Ping is 62° and a seven iron by Titleist has a lie angle of 63°.

One reason for this difference is the ‘loft angle’ of these clubs. The stronger the loft, i.e the more vertical the club-face, the more upright the club-head needs to be.

Is the lie angle of my Driver as important as the lie angle of my Wedge?

The more loft a club has the more the ‘lie angle’ will affect the ball’s direction at impact. So whilst it’s important to get fitted for a Driver, you will get more benefit by having a wedge fitting.

What do the terms ‘too upright’ or ‘too flat’ mean?

A club is ‘too upright’ when the ‘toe’ of the club-head, is high and the ‘grooves’ on the club-face are pointing upwards. 

Alternatively, a club that is ‘too flat’ will have the ‘heel’ of the club-head above the ground and the ‘grooves’ on the club-face pointing down.

How is ‘Lie Angle Measured?

The ‘Lie Angle’ is measured using a ‘Loft & Lie Tool’. The golf club is secured into the tool with the club-face level and the club-shaft upright.

The angle that the club-shaft lies backwards is now accurately measured.

To describe the process in more detail, I have linked a video below.

How do you adjust the ‘Lie Angle’ of the Golf Club?

With the golf club secured within the tool, a long bar is used to bend the club-head at the ‘hozel’. To flatten the lie the hozel is bent downwards, whilst equally, to make the club more upright, the hozel is bent upwards.

However, only ‘forged’ clubs can have their ‘lie angle’ or ‘loft angle’ adjusted. If you try to bend a club-head that is cast, it will most probably crack.

How does ‘Lie Angle’ affect ball flight?

To produce the perfect ball flight, the club-face needs to be parallel to the ground at impact. 

Because a golf club has ‘loft’, i.e. the club-face is angled back, any movement of the club-head away from being parallel will ‘push’ or ‘pull’ the ball’s starting line.

Flat Lie Angle Image 1

A club-head that is ‘too flat’ will tilt the club-face away from you and the golf ball’s ‘start line’ will be right of the target (for a right-handed golfer).

Upright Lie Angle Image 1

A club-head that is ‘too upright’ will tilt the club-face towards you and the golf ball’s ‘start line’ will be left of the target (for a right-handed golfer).

I’m over 6′ tall. Do my clubs need to be more upright?

Not necessarily. A club’s ‘lie angle’ is determined by the length of the club-shaft and the height of your hands from the floor when ‘addressing’ the golf ball. 

For this reason, when you’re fitted for a set of golf clubs, one of the first measurements taken is the height of your wrist from the floor.

A golfer that has their hands closer to the ground when stood upright, will tend to have shorter club shafts than a player that’s hands are further away. So if you have short arms you’re more likely to need longer shafts.

I hope you enjoyed this article on what ‘lie angle’ is and how it is important to your golf. I would love to invite you to read other articles and find out more about how to enjoy golf more.

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