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Dominate Your Golf Practice with the Awesome TeeClaw Artificial Turf Tee

Updated: Originally tested in January 2018, I still have the original TeeClaw’s and lanyards and they are as good as the day I purchased them.

I like practicing. In fact I love it. The solitude on the range, just hitting balls is great. Yet, to me spending time working on somthing specific, to finally achieve it, is more satisfying. So I am always happy when a product comes along that makes my practice time more productive.

Today I am going to introduce you to the TeeClaw Artificial Turf Tee. A revolutionary practice aid that will blow your mind.

What is TeeClaw?

When I came across Teeclaw whilst searching YouTube in the early hours of the morning, my initial reaction was “damn, that’s so simple. Wow what a great idea. I need that!” 

Using Teeclaw totally eliminates the need for those huge, fat rubber tees that you are stuck with on the driving range. But more than that, the system can be used for a lot more than just teeing up a golf ball.

Why use TeeClaw?

From Driver to long irons, each club has an optimal tee height. Yet how many times have you gone to the driving range and spent five minutes searching frantically for a stall that has the right rubber tee? And then when you do beat the other golfers, who are searching like you, you’re stuck with a rubber tee that is either too high or too short? Yes, this happens too often doesn’t it?

In the worst case you can get left with the driving bay that either no tee at all and then you’re stuck practicing with just your short irons, or at best, waiting until someone leaves.

I know this is a familiar story for anyone reading this because it’s happened to me almost every single time I’ve gone to a driving range over the last 20+ years.

Well with TeeClaw, you can easily solve this problem, and more importantly, you can practice with an actual golf tee? 

How Does TeeClaw Work?

The concept behind the Tee Claw is so simple it is pure genius. 

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Made out of high impact resistant, moulded plastic, TeeClaw is a round disc, raised in the middle with a hole to accept the Tee of your choice. It will take everything from the traditional wooden tees, to the coloured plastic items and you can even use broken tees in it too. It’s just like being on the golf course when teeing up your ball.

At its base, it has 4 small claws that can be embedded into range mats by twisting them in a clockwise direction. Once anchored in place you simply push in your tee, put your ball on top and away you go.

You can also attach one TeeClaw to another through an elasticated lanyard. Useful so your tee won’t launch off the matt and disappear down the driving range.

IMG 1644 1

My First Impressions

TeeClaw is quick and easily setup on the range matt. It is great quality and stands up well to the abuse of typical golf practice. The elasticated lanyards are still in tact, even after several months of use, and I have only broken one claw after I tested it to destruction. I can certainly say that the warning on the box, NOT to hit a ball directly of the top,is quite valid!

Whilst this is all great, the TeeClaw impressed me more in another area. Helping my swing.

Much More Than a Tee Holder

teeclaw artificial turf tee training aid on a range matt

I use alignment sticks to aid in my feet alignment and club face control. Yet with the TeeClaw system, there are dozens of ways you can use these to help with everything from club path, ball position, club face control and many many more.

I especially like it to ensure I have the ball in the right position. My tendency is to let the ball creep forward in my stance. So by using the TeeClaw system, I can create the perfect practice station to help me work on this aspect of my set up.

I also like to work on my target line and feet alignment relationship. Sometimes I am either too open in my stance, or too closed. Before getting the TeeClaw, I would use two alignment sticks. But they would constantly move after every other swing, so would take time to reset before I could start again.

The TeeClaw system however, stays embedded in the matt shot after shot after shot. It makes for a much more relaxed and reliable practice session.

Teeclaw golf exercise

The other way that I have used TeeClaw is to help me practice my club path control.

By using two lanyards, I can visually create an inside-to-out and outside-to-in club path. This helps me to work on my shot shaping with great results.

Now if you think that only scratch golfers have the ability to shape their shots, then think again. Anyone of us can do it and if you want to learn more, then check out the ultimate guide to ball flights. It’s a look at the 9 basic ball flights and how you can practice more effectively by learning them.

TeeClaw is not just restricted to use on the practice range either. I have used on the practice green and also on the living room carpet. Which has come in very handy when working to reduce my 3 putts. Check out the images below and see for yourself.

What’s My Verdict on the TeeClaw System?

At $19.99 (price correct at 16/04/2020) the TeeClaw system is a must have in any golfers bag! It is the single most useful practice aid that I have come across in all my years of playing golf.

Using the TeeClaw system you truly can simulate a round of golf, which is where the company’s tagline “Practice Like You Play” comes from. 

Only a small percentage of golfers have the privilege of practicing on grass driving ranges, and for the rest of us we are stuck hoping to find the stall that has a tee that we can work with. That problem has now been solved.

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