Selfiegolf phone holder review

The SelfieGolf Phone Holder Review

Use SelfieGolf to film your swing & improve your practice

SelfieGolf is the ultimate phone holder for filming your golf swing. A truly unique product, the SelfieGolf Training System is sure to make a huge improvement on how you practice your golf.

Before SelfieGolf came along, filming my swing was a complete and utter phaff. I would usually carry a HD camcorder and tripod, which made me self conscious at the best of times, and it was always difficult to find enough space to set everything up. What with my [Callaway Carry Bag] and the tripod etc, I used to take up a lot of space on the driving range.

Sometimes I would have people knock the equipment over with their bags as they went past. Other times I would take ages setting things up, only to have the battery on the camcorder ‘beep’ as it slowly died, proving the whole exercise a complete and utter waste of time and effort.

Like many, I then went on to use my smartphone. There are many apps available to help you with your swing. Some I have reviewed ‘Here’. 

Unfortunately, trying to find a place to balance my phone was a complete pain in the backside. And because it is such a pain, not many golfers do it. Yet it is probably the most important aspect of training you can do. I needed something easier to use.

Update April 2020: I first purchased selfiegolf back in 2018. It has never been out of my golf bag since and it is still as good as new. The quality of the product is among the best I have expereinced in the industry. It’s strong, versitile and excellent value for money.

Say hello to SelfieGolf.

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With SelfieGolf you can film your swing anytime, anywhere and in almost any conditions with complete ease and no fuss whatsoever.

In my article [‘How to film your golf swing’], I explained the importance of filming your golf swing and how it will help you improve your game. After all, it doesn’t take a mensa level genius to understand the benefits. Once you differentiate between what you ‘feel’ you are doing in your swing and what is actually happening, you can start making those all important changes.

What is SelfieGolf?

SelfieGolf is a great product. In fact it is so good that it won the huge accolade of PGA Best New Product Award 2017 (1)

SelfieGolf holds your smartphone to an alignment stick, a club shaft or it can clip to a bag or even a range ball basket. It is truly a universal wonder and so easy to use.

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What you get with SelfieGolf

selfiegolf contents

The SelfieGolf training system is presented in good quality packaging which includes;

  1. Selfie Clip for your smartphone
  2. Bag Clip for securing the system to your golf bag or other surface.
  3. A pack of stick holders in various diameters
  4. A luxury dust bag for easy storage.
  5. Instructions for using the SelfieGolf Training System.

What we thought of SelfieGolf

“This simple yet versatile training system allows the user to capture hands-free video with complete stability from any position or any surface. Simply clip onto any alignment stick or driver and attach it to your favorite golf bag.”

IMG 2722

As the sales pitch above says, SelfieGolf is marketed as a training aid for when you’re practicing on the driving range.

As I was on an indoor range, I set the SelfieGolf system up using the Bag Clip secured to my [Callaway Chev Stand Carry Bag]. I then used my driver, held by the shaft holder clips, to provide a vertical stick onto which I clipped the SelfieGolf Phone Holder.

It was quick and easy to setup and incredibly stable. Much better than phaffing around with a tripod and HD camcorder, that’s for sure.

Once the phone as installed, I could easily select the golf swing app of my choice, and start filming my practice.

The greatest product to help you practice your golf swing!

SelfieGolf is the ultimate system that provides a simple solution to filming your swing and hence, improving your game. I can confidently tell you that from this moment on, I will always have this little bit of kit in my bag! Yes, it is that good!

I hope that you enjoyed this review of the SelfieGolf Training System.

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