precision nx7 pro golf laser rangefinder review

Precision Pro NX7 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

If you’re in the market to buy a golf laser rangefinder then you might be mistaken for choosing anything other than brand leaders. However the world of budget laser rangefinders does not mean you have to end up with cheap and nasty products. 

From the Nexus to the NX7 Pro, the range of golf laser range finders from Precision Pro Golf, means there is a product to suit anyone’s budget. Yet you won’t find yourself compromising on quality or performance.

Welcome. My name is Ian Allen and in my efforts to find the ‘Best Golf Rangefinders’, today we are looking at the Precision Pro NX 7 and NX7 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinders.

So let’s Tee off.

Who are Precision Pro Golf?

Founded by keen golfers, Jonah Mytro and Clay Hood, Precision Pro Golf develop products that help you play smarter without breaking the bank.

Their range of golf products from the laser range finders to GPS bands, are designed and engineered following countless hours of research and development. Most of which is with the help of the average golfer, such as you and I.

The results are products that are easy to use, accurate and reliable. 

Great Customer Service

Precision Pro Golf are eager to state that when you purchase one of their rangefinders or golf watches, it’s the start of a relationship, not the end of a transaction.

All their products come with either a 30 or 90 day money back guarantee whether purchased online or in store. 

And they even offer free battery replacements and a full coverage 2 year warranty on their NX7 rangefinders. 

Now you may think that these are bold claims, yet the company is more than happy to list all the email addresses and phone numbers for all its 8 key staff. Yes, that does include Jonah and Clay also. Just try and get the number of the CEO at Bushnell.

Great Value Products

In a sport where new products are being released every month, golf can be very expensive. So Precision Pro Golf offer a range of laser rangefinders and golf gps bands, that are affordable without sacrificing product quality. 

Simply put they position themselves in the market as a premium brand at a value price point.

Why Buy a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

In golf, distance is everything. As a player you want the greatest distance from your driver, or to hit your mid-irons longer. You train for hours on the driving range because you want to hit your wedges a consistent distance.

So it stands to reason that when you’re on the course, you need to know the distances you NEED to hit, before you even reach for the clubs.

Although professional and experienced golfers can use course maps and marker posts, like me, you don’t perhaps play like them. 

My tee shots are not always arrow straight and my approaches not always the right distance if indeed direction. So whilst I used to enjoy carrying the golf course guides around, more often than not, I would generally find myself playing my shot from where there was no distance indicated.

But all that is behind me with the Golf Range Finder.

How Can a Golf Laser Rangefinder Help Me Play Better?

I am the Club Captain of my local club. As such I get the opportunity to play with all levels of golfers on a regular basis. And the one thing that separates the good players from the average. Is that the good players know exactly how far they need to hit their next shot. Why? Because they use a distance measuring device. 

Sometimes it is a golf GPS watch, such as the Garmin Approach S60, S20, X40 or the X10. All of which I have reviewed in the Best Golf GPS Watches. However, most of them use a rangefinder.

A laser rangefinder is one of those things that these golfers cannot go to the course without. Yet if you still don’t use one, here are some ways that it will help you.

Pace of Play

The rangefinder will calculate the distances to any point in seconds which is vital in speeding up play. When using these devices, you will never have to waste any time trying to estimate the distance to where you want to play your next shot. 

This makes your club selections quick and easy because you already know what range you want to hit.

Compensate For Slopes Or Elevation

Have you ever wondered what club to hit up the hill or down to the green below? Yep, me too. 

Well the best rangefinders have a slope compensation feature. Although most club competitions and tour events do not allow for this feature, it will still add some value to your game in the monthly medal.

With the slope compensation, you will be able to get very accurate distances because the device takes the slopes and elevations into account when doing the measurement. 

Slope compensation is something that is almost impossible to do when relying on yard markers.

It Will Boost Your Confidence

By eliminating any doubts about the distance and the club that you need to use, a golf rangefinder will help to boost your confidence with every shot that you make. With fewer uncertainties when making a shot, you’ll be able to commit to the shot more fully. And since you already know the average distance from each of your clubs, you will be less likely to choke.

My Review of the Precision Pro NX7 Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder is the middle-range laser range finder from precision pro golf. It sits neatly between the lower end Nexus, and the top end NX7 Pro. 

The only difference between the two versions of the NX7, is that the NX7 Pro has Adaptive Slope Technology built it. This allows you to receive distances adjusted for the slope of the terrain. You can easily toggle between elevation measuring slope, and tournament legal non-slope modes by a simply setting adjustment.

From here on in,  the two NX7’s have the same technology and architecture.

What’s Included in the Box?

When you open the box you may be mistaken for thinking something has been left out. There is no unnecessary packaging or reading material. This isn’t surprising when you then remind yourself that the whole companies ethos is to keep any and all unnecessary costs down. 

They simply provide the best product at a price point where you would expect to find a cheap golf laser rangefinder.

In the box you get;

  • Precision Pro Golf NX7 Laser Rangefinder
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 3 Volt Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lanyard
  • Cleaning Cloth

How easy is the Precision Pro NX7 to Use?

Well what an excellent question.

Once you’ve taken your new purchase out of the box and like me, thrown away the instructions, it’s time to get it going and hit the course.

Fitting the battery requires a few more turns of the screw, it’s not a ‘quarter-turn’ fitting like the Bushnell. Yet I think that just makes it more sensible. 

Anyhow, once you have fitted the battery (mine came with it already installed), the NX7 is easy to operate. Simply push the power button to activate it, then again to measure the distance. 

The NX7 Pro has an extra feature where as you can select either yards or meters as your unit of measurement, and of course, as I said before, it has a Mode Button to turn ‘Slope’ ON or OFF.

Once in my hand and comparing it to the Bushnell Tour V4, I found it felt very similar in weight and quality. At 5.4 Ounces, the NX7 is 0.2 Ounces lighter than the Bushnell. It felt nice and comfortable in my hand, and whilst I would say the Bushnell had an edge in quality feel, I certainly wouldn’t say the Bushnell was worth the extra money at all.

Currently (June 2018), the Precision Pro NX7 is £179 with the Precision Pro NX7 Pro being £209 from Amazon with next day ‘Prime’ delivery. So with the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift coming in at £296, I certainly can’t see where there is almost £100 worth of justifiable difference.

In fact if you are a brand lover and want to stick with, say, a Bushnell, you will need to spend an extra £70 just to get a comparable product. 

And if you have recently read my product review on the Nikon Coolshot 80i VR Rangefinder, then you will already know that for that model, you’ll need to part with an extra £178 and change. 

Now from where I’m standing. That’s almost the same as a new Odyssey Putter, Callaway Mack Daddy Wedge, A Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag, or 4 dozen Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls.

So the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder is certainly for the sensible among us that want the best value for our money.

How is the NX7 for Accuracy and Performance?

As I said earlier, to activate the NX7 you simply press the ‘Power’ button. I liked the simplicity of this device. In my experience, the more modes you have to navigate, the worse the user experience. 

With a laser range finder, once you have set up the ‘unit’ of measurement needed, you only ever use it for distances. I mean, what else is it for – right? And the Pro NX7 provides the distances really quickly. In fact it’s some 30% faster than its predecessor, the Nexus.

And the quality of the Pro NX7 doesn’t stop with look, feel and speed. Like the Nikon Coolshot 80 VR, the Precision NX7 has a 6X Magnification viewfinder. This allows for improved viewing and easier target acquisition.

Then once you have the target in sight, the NX7 uses Target Acquisition Technology to scan your field of view. It then automatically locks onto the target to ensure you are not focused on what’s behind it. This ensures you get accurate distances to your intended target.

Is the Pro NX 7 More Precise than a Bushnell?

Unlike the Bushnell where you hold the button down to get a distance. With the NX7 you simply hit it once. It then scans for a second and returns a distance to your target, accompanied by a warm and fuzzy vibration. Giving you confidence that it has found your intended aim point.

In my mind, the vibration or jolt feature is a must have in a rangefinder. It allows me to quickly and easily get the yardage I need and its absence on the Golf Buddy LR5s, which is in a similar price range as this unit, was my biggest criticism.

Anyway, back to the Precision Pro NX7.

Both the Bushnell Tour V4 and the Precision Pro NX7 and NX7 Pro are accurate to a flag at 400 yards. Even though the Bushnell states a range of 5-1,000 yards. Its specifications only state 400 yards to a flag. Something worth noting.

Yet the NX7 delivers it’s distance in down to a tenth of a yard. Something that is a nice touch, despite being totally useless to anyone other that Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy.

Finally whilst discussing the viewing and distance measuring. The viewfinder is a little more cluttered on the NX7 than the Bushnell. With the NX7 you get an extra icon. Not a major issue at all, and if I wasn’t comparing them back to back, I certainly wouldn’t really notice it. 

What are the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Features?

  • Pulse Vibration Technology – gives a quick Pulse when locked on to the target so you know what you’ve hit.
  • Target Acquisition Technology- scans your field of view and locks in on the target to ensure you get the yardage to the target, not what’s behind the target.
  • Water Resistant Design- ensures the NX7 can be used in wet and rainy conditions without issue.
  • Shock Proof Design- helps to survive the drops, tosses, any other impact on the golf course.
  • Accuracy +/- 1 Yard- gives you the confidence to choose the correct club each time.
  • 400 Yard Measuring Range- ensures you’ll never be out of range of the target.
  • 1/10 Yard Measurements- an added layer of accuracy to give you the confidence that your distance is correct.
  • 6X Magnification- brings the target 6 times closer to you for improved viewing and target acquisition.
  • Multi Distance Mode- easily switch between yards and meters depending on your unit of measure.
  • Tournament Legal- you should always check with the rules committee, but the NX7 Rangefinder is legal for tournaments that allow distance measuring devices.

So What did I Think of the Precision Pro NX7 and NX7 Pro Rangefinder?

The main purpose of a laser rangefinder is to measure distance, and with the NX7 you get that both quickly and accurately all the time.

When compared to the Bushnell, the NX7 has a slightly weaker vibration when it acquires the target, but it’s nothing to complain about. And I wouldn’t pay and extra £100 to have my hand shook more vigorously. Well not from a rangefinder anyhow……

The optics are a little clearer on the Bushnell and Nikon too, but not by much and nothing you would notice unless you tested each one side by side. 

With the Pro NX7, I still easily focused on a flag at over 360 yards. A distance over which I could only drive the ball with the use of a buggy. 

If you’re after a budget golf rangefinder, or searching for a cheap golf rangefinder. Then for £179 you get the NX7, with the NX7 Pro coming in at £209. 

Either model is simply a fantastic product and will take a well earned place within my list of Top 10 Golf Rangefinders of 2018.

Bushnell may get and extra point for the optics and vibration. But when it comes down to it, it’s not worth the extra money in my opinion.

The precision Pro Golf NX7 and NX7 Pro is going to be extremely appealing to many people. And one of them has just written this review.

Thank you for reading this review of the Precision NX7. I hope it has answered some, if not all of your questions, but please do feel free to leave a comment below, or get in touch with me via social media if you would like to know more about it….

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