SKB hard golf travel case review. It's great!

The SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case

Picking the right Golf Travel Case is a very important part of preparing for your next Golfing Holiday or Tournament. Yet choosing between a Hard Golf Travel Case or a Fabric Golf Travel Case is even more important. Particularly in making sure you protect your golf clubs whilst travelling.

Over the last few years I have been fortunate to go on a few golfing holidays. The first one was nerve racking because I was so worried my clubs would get damaged. The last few trips however, I experienced complete peace of mind. 

That’s because I used the SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case. So sit back and enjoy my hard golf travel case review.

Hard Golf Travel Case vs Fabric Golf Travel Case

There is no getting away from the fact, that Fabric Golf Travel Bags are less money that the Hard Golf Travel Cases. Yet the old adage of “you get what you pay for..” rings true in this scenario. With Golf Travel Cases it’s all about the protection. And the better the golf travel bag, the better the protection which, in the long run, can save you more than your initial investment.

Fabric Golf Travel Bag

My first experience with a golf travel bag, like many, was using a fabric version, purchased at the cheapest price I could get. I used the Longridge Deluxe Travel Bag and whilst it had a lot of padding, it wasn’t as good as a hard golf travel case. 

I wrapped the heads of the clubs in a couple of towels for added protection, and then stuffed my shoes and caps down the sides to help secure the golf bag a little better. 

Yet, on the first trip out to the resort, the zip on the shoe bag broke and then on the return journey, the main zip was damaged along with one of the wheels. And to add insult to injury, there was a large rip in the top of the bag where it had obviously been caught on something.

It became apparent to me fairly quickly, that if you want your expensive golf clubs to be kept safe, then you really need a hard golf travel case.

Hard Golf Travel Case

Hard golf travel cases don’t suffer with the same issues fabric golf travel bags do. 

Firstly, they are rigid in nature so don’t rely on the clubs inside them, to keep their shape. This puts less stress on the clubs and protect them from bending or being broken if dropped or mishandled. Which in of itself, is an inevitability.

With hard golf cases the padding is fixed and positioned right where it is needed. No need for those extra towels wrapped around the club heads.

This padding is usually of a softer nature too, as it isn’t put through the same amount of stress that it is in a fabric golf travel bag.

Another important feature of hard golf cases is their locking mechanisms. These are usually TSA compliant for ease of airline use, and make for a very secure travel case which can’t be easily ripped or torn to enable access by an handling personel. 

What was our first impression of the SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case?

SKB Hard Golf Travel Case Review - double Case

Reassuringly tough. That was the first thing that came to mind when I opened the box. So this case will not only protect your golf clubs, but also your nice new rangefinder too.

Lightweight for it’s size and strength, the SKB Travel Case looked splendid in it’s satin black finish with contrasting aluminium trim.

Molded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the same material that the military specifies for it’s own containers and cases, the SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case is built to exceed ATA 300 Category I – the highest shipping container Airline Transport Association (ATA) specification. This specification alone, ensures an ability for the golf case to last 100 trips by air.

The molded-in configuration of bumpers and ribs are designed to absorb shock and vibration as well as provide protection for exposed hardware. The ribs give the case superior rigidity and create the unique male / female mating system for secure stacking. 

SKB hard golf travel case review - Single case

The aluminum valance on SKB cases provides a reliable “tongue and groove” closure and a neoprene “o-ring” gasket keeps out harmful moisture. And the toughness doesn’t stop there!

The SKB Golf Travel Case also utilises their new, patent-pending, Heavy-duty, die-cast locking latches. These are engineered for a lifetime of easy, smooth service.

These quality latches are field replaceable and are guaranteed for the life of the case. They also feature a TSA locking feature. 

This will certainly make your airline very happy when it needs to inspect the contents.

What’s the SKB case like inside?

2SKB 1649W open gear large

Talking of contents. Any clubs that find themselves within this case are certainly going to be well looked after.

The SKB Hard Golf Travel Case is long enough to accommodate a 48” long driver. It is also large enough inside to swallow most cart staff bags we can think of other than tour issue items. So your Callaway Chev Golf Stand Bag will feel right at home.

At the top quarter, the interior is covered with a thick layer protection padding. When closed, this padding securely fits around the club heads, protecting them from outside interference, as well as from hitting the inside of the case.

The finish inside is as you would expect from a high quality moulded product. It is smooth and free from any sharp edges or intrusions into the inner space.

Even the inline wheels are exterior mounted, so they don’t protrude into the case’s interior.

Does it give protection for dirt and dust?

Yes it does. This hard golf travel case comes with SKB’s exclusive Perfect-Match™ valance bending system with neoprene ‘O’ ring seal, providing a tight, secure fit to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from getting inside. 

There are three, evenly spaced heavy duty latches that ensure an even shut of the case. As above, these are fitted with TSA compliant locks.

The fittings of the case, such as the wheels and handles, are all exterior mounted ensuring that there are no added areas of weakness that moisture or dirt can take advantage of.

2SKB 1649W empty down large

The SKB Golf Travel Cases’ Key Features

  • Capable of accepting drivers up to 49″.
  • New patent-pending industrial strength latches for superior valance closure and overall latched security.
  • TSA Locking System for ease of airline travel.
  • SKB’s exclusive Perfect-Match valance bending system, providing tight, secure fits to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from getting inside the case.
  • SKB’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
  • SKB’s $1,500 Club Coverage.

SKB’s Amazing Lifetime Warranty

Like all their hardshell cases, the SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case is fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner. 

That means, if your case breaks, SKB will supply replacement parts, repair the case, or replace your case for as long as you own it. Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims. 

$1500 Content Coverage Warranty

In addition to the warranty, SKB will cover up to $1500 to repair or replace equipment damaged by a commercial airline carrier while secured in one of their ATA-rated cases. 

If your gear has been damaged on a flight, then once a claim with the airline has been concluded, SKB will view it and, if necessary, make up and additional amount of $1500. 

What excellent value.

What do we think? Is it worth the money?

SKB Staff Bag Hard Golf Travel Case

Before I answer the question, let’s assume for a moment that you want to save a few quid and go for an average Fabric Golf Travel Case. Yes you will only pay £55 as opposed to, say £270. But you are getting something of much greater value than perhaps you first realise.

SKB are world renowned case manufacturers. They supply military grade cases for everything from competition bows, pistols, rifles, camera equipment to, yes, golf clubs. 

They supply gun manufacturers direct, police departments, military contractors and many other companies, all of whom need a secure trustworthy method of transporting irreplaceable equipment around the globe.

My fabric golf travel bag lasted just a single season. After which I needed to spend a minimum of another £55 to replace it. So straight away, I am at half the cost of the SKB golf case. So within a single trip you could already be making some of your investment back

And all this is before you add in the lifetime warranty and $1500 content cover which is included within the sales price. Imagine if my clubs had gotten damaged and the airline refused to payout, and my golf insurance company did the same? $1500 would go a long way to replacing my weapons. PLUS SKB would replace the case itself Free Of Charge also! Now that would go a long way to giving me peace of mind.

So yes, in our eyes the SKB Hard Golf Travel Case is worth every penny!

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