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‘Links Choice Pro’ Home Golf Practice Net Review

For those of us that really want to improve our game, a good quality Golf Practice Net is an essential golf practice aid. Today we are reviewing the Links Choice Pro Golf Driving Net.

Why need a Golf Practice Net?

During a typical game of golf, 50% of all shots are with either a driver or an iron. So if you can increase your ability to hit these clubs correctly and consistently, you will reduce your scores significantly.

It’s great if you have a golf practice range near where you live, but let’s face it, not everyone has the time to practice, or the money to grab a basket of balls everyday, in order to ‘groove’ your swing. 

The next best thing then, is to have your very own golf practice net for the garden, garage or even in your basement.

Having the freedom to practice your golf swing at home when it suits you, is going to help you get better at the sport. And, whatever your investment into a Golf Practice Net, you can be sure that it will pay for itself after just a few weeks. Especially if you like a couple of baskets per range visit!

What makes a good Golf Practice Net?

A good golf practice net needs to be easy to erect, compact enough to store when packed away and lightweight enough to transport. A good practice net also needs to be strong and durable so your golf ball won’t tear through the net when you hit it with your driver.

As with anything in life and products, not everything is created equal. There are some great products out there but unless you know what you’re looking for, and why, then you are making life hard for yourself and more likely to waste that hard earned money.

The criteria for selecting a good quality golf practice net is vital, and to help us decide which golf net to review, we came up with some simple points of reference. 

Key Features

  • Safe and secure anchoring
  • Heavy duty, durable materials
  • Designed for use with real golf balls
  • Usable for Driving, iron and chipping
  • Large hitting area
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Value for money

Once armed with these criteria, we started hunting around. 

Links Choice Pro Golf Practice Net

Links Choice Pro Golf Practice Net

links choice pro golf practice net
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Product Summary

This driving net has certainly become a firm favourite of mine. It’s larger than it looks, tougher than you think and better quality than the price would have you believe. It’s easy to set up and I kept mine errected in the garden for over 2 weeks with no issues at all.

Put all these points together and you have a great product and a price that reflects excellent value for money. I recommend it without hesitation.


Today we are reviewing a personal favourite of mine. The Links Choice Pro Golf Driving Net has been around for a couple of years now, and for good reason too. 

This golf practice net is made from highly durable nylon material. It’s high quality netting material is used to safely ensure capture of golf balls, and unlike cheaper variants, I found it very difficult to tear. 

This means that you can easily use real golf balls when practicing with it, even with full swings with the driver.

Benefit from a large hitting area

The products size makes it suitable for use with all the clubs. At 7 x 10 x 5 Feet (HxWxD), the Links Choice Pro Golf Practice Net provides you with enough space to practice all the shots you need to. 

However, I found that you need to stand a little closer than you think, when chipping or practicing full pitch shots. Otherwise you could be watching your golf ball sail away into the neighbours garden… 

What’s in the box?

The packaging itself is very small and easily fits on a shelf in the garage, or in a cupboard. Plus at only 6kg in weight, you can throw this golf practice net in the car and take it on holiday, or to the local park for the day. 

The box contains;

  • 1 x Practice Driving Net
  • 1 x Target Sheet
  • 1 x Ground Sheet
  • 1 x Set of Ground Pegs
  • 1 x Carry Storage Bag

In our current purchase for this review, we also benefitted from a great deal, by getting a golf Driving Matt and 24 real Golf Balls included. You can click this link ‘here’ to check the latest price of this product on Amazon.

Is the practice net easy to assemble?

Yes it is. Anyone who has been campling will find the golf driving net is really easy to assemble. It comes with clear instructions and details each part for easy reference.

The net is supported by two long poles which crisscross at the top, forming a dome with the material. These are a durable plastic/carbon construction and upon testing it took some ‘out of character’ abuse by us to split them. However, even when broken, they could be taped and reused without effecting the driving nets performance.

The groundsheet is already attached and once the poles are in and the ground pegs in place, the whole net is incredibly stable. As a result you could easily leave this up in the garden if necessary. 

In fact, I did just that for a week, but keep in mind that having it up for long periods of time, will kill your grass. Much like a paddling pool or tent would.

What did we love about the Links Choice Golf Driving Net?

golfer hitting the golf practice net

As I said earlier, this driving net is a firm favourite of mine. It’s larger than it looks, tougher than you think and better quality than the price would have you believe. Put all those together and you have a great product and a price that reflects excellent value for money.

For testing, I left mine erected for over a week and was really happy with it. It was stable in windy conditions overnight. It was durable enough to hit hundreds of balls into, without splitting the net OR the surrounding material. And it was lightweight enough to pack up and throw into the garage.

I would say don’t use the small piece of matt. The bit we received is really no use whatsoever, and it is no lining the local landfill.

All in all I loved this product and would thoroughly recommend it.

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