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Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS Review

The Garmin Approach G10 is great clip-on, micro Golf GPS Device. The Garmin G10 is compact and gives you simple and clear information whilst on the golf course. And thanks to lifetime course updates, it is a Golf GPS Gadget that you need never replace.

Welcome. My name is Ian Allen and today I’m going to run through a definitive review of the Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS Device. You can check the latest price of this great device on Amazon here.

So why buy a Golf GPS Watch?

Have you ever found yourself on the Tee and wondering how far that hazard is? Or you’re standing on the fairway and can’t quite get comfortable guessing the carry distance. Yep, that was me too.

When playing a new course, I would always grab a course guide. You know the ones, the nicely bound little booklets with the different yardages to hazards and greens, as well as the ‘Pro Tips’ on how best to play the hole.

But, I don’t play golf like a professional. My tee shots are not always arrow straight and my approaches not always the right distance. So whilst I used to enjoy carrying the golf course guides around, more often than not, I would generally find myself playing my shot from where there was no distance indicated.

But all that is behind me with the invention of the Golf GPS Watch by Garmin Golf.

My Review of the Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS Watch

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The Garmin Approach G10 isn’t full of all the advanced features that it’s big brothers, the Garmin Approach G8, Garmin Approach S20 or the Garmin Approach S60 have, yet it is still a perfectly respectable companion to have with you on the golf course.

The Garmin Approach G10 is a compact and convenient Golf GPS which easily clips to your belt, your bag or fits into your pocket. In fact it’s design sees it as Garmin’s smallest and most compact Golf GPS product to date.

Garmin Approach G10 Features

Weighing 28g, which is half the weight of your golf ball, the Garmin G10 is a small and compact design. It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery built in that will last almost 15 hours whilst in GPS mode. And whilst it is light and compact, you don’t lose the most important data you need on the course.

As with almost all other Garmin GPS devices, the G10 comes pre-loaded with more than 40,000 international golf courses and gives you accurate distances around each and every one of them.

With it’s sunlight-readable, high resolution monochrome display, the Approach G10 will clearly show you the yardages to the front, back and middle of the greens. Plus, with the display size of 23mmx23mm, and a resolution of 128×128 pixels, the Approach G10 will also give you a clear preview of the green layout, and displays the shape of the green along with manual pin placements.

Measure Shot Distances & Calculate Yardages

The Garmin Approach G10 will give you yardages to layups and doglegs, so you can easily plan your way around the golf course. The Garmin G10 also measures your shot distances as you play. So it will give you the exact yardages required of your next shot, from anywhere around the course.

This helps manage your game and gives you the best chance to record a low score once in the clubhouse. 

Does the Garmin Approach G10 Track Shots?

Yes it does. 

In addition to keeping an eye on your shot distances, the Garmin G10 will also track your statistics. These include total strokes, putts per round, plus greens and fairways hit in regulation.

The Garmin will also keep track of your score too with a digital scorecard. Included with this particular feature is the option to include stroke play for a single player.

Once you have finished your round, you can upload your round details via the USB cable, which is included in the box. Once uploaded you can view and analyse your performance in the safety of your own home. 

And with Garmin’s Online Community Software, you can keep track of your progress over time. Including Longest Drive, average score and Putts per round/hole. In fact with the Garmin Approach G10, you can understand trends and tendencies over your favourite course.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Garmin G10 also has a round timer as well. Now that’s handy so you don’t miss last orders at the club bar!

Is the Garmin G10 waterproof?

Yes it is. Despite the G10 being a clip-on design, it is waterproof to 5 ATM, or 50 meters in old money.

So those summer showers or winter down pours won’t upset anything other than you. Sorry, not even this clever little device is that good!

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So what are the Garmin Approach G10 Key Features?

Compact pocket-sized design: easy-to-use and to clip anywhere
High-resolution, sunlight-readable display with graphical user interface
Precise distances to front, back and middle of the green, hazards, layups and doglegs
Green view displays the green layout from the angle of approach with manual pin placements for exact distances to the flagstick
Digital scorecard for easy scoring during your round
Stat tracking measures shot distances and number of fairway/greenshots or putts
Upload and share stats online with Garmin Connect
Over 40,000 preloaded international courses with free lifetime updates
15 hours of battery life in GPS mode
Rugged, lightweight and water resistant (50m)
Competition Approved

So what did I think of the Garmin G10?

I don’t like wearing watches all that much, so I liked the fact that this unit can clip on to a belt, bag or pocket.

Whilst the clip-on design is really useful, for me, having it on my belt wasn’t an option for two reasons. One being that you can’t really see the screen, so you have to keep taking it off and looking at it. And the second reason the clip-on design didn’t work for me was that I use the GameGolf Shot Tracking System. Hence I already have my GameGolf device on my belt.

However, this isn’t a big issue as I found that I could quite happily clip the Approach G10 to my bag. Not only did this stop the need to constantly un-clip and clip it back on to my belt, but it also kept it handy for viewing as I pulled my clubs out.

Apart from that, I found the Garmin Approach G10 easy to use, informative and an improvement to the yardage booklets I have collected over the years.

It is well made, waterproof and whilst big enough to give me a good amount of information on the screen. It was also small enough to as not get in the way of my golf.

All in all if you want a great device, that’s reliable and robust, yet only want to spend half teh money of the other devices on the market, I would definitely give this beauty a test drive on your local fairways.

To get yours, simple click on the links below or visit your local golf store.

Thank you for reading this review of the Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS. I hope it has answered some if not all of your questions, but please do feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to know more about it….

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