Callaway chev golf stand & carry bag review

Is the Callaway Chev Golf Carry Bag a Good Buy? Long Term Test

In the market for a new Golf Stand Bag but getting confused about which Lightweight Golf Bag to choose from? Then you have come to the right place as today, we have the Callaway Chev Golf Carry Bag Review.

Now I haven’t always used Golf Carry Bags in the past. I’m currently 48 years old and my old body much prefers either a buggy, or my Motorcaddy S3 Pro Golf Trolley. Yet there is something to be said for the golf carry bags ease of use, as I have recently discovered whilst testing out the Callaway Chev Golf Carry Bag.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my electric golf trolley, but it is a pain to get in and out of the car. It takes a good few minutes to set up, and the Motocaddy Golf Bag I use is quite heavy too. So not really golf driving range friendly either.

Also, as winter approaches, I find it harder to play a relaxing game of golf whilst using the trolley. Like many clubs, my home course has roped off certain areas to trollies and buggies. So when my ball has landed in an area that’s roped off,  having to choose which clubs to take with me, the 20 yards or so, can mean the difference between a good shot, or landing myself in more trouble.

Getting back to the pure golf experience

The first thing I will say about using a Lightweight Golf Carry Bag is how much more I am immersed in my round of golf. I feel more connected to the course and it’s topography. And I have also found that my round has reduced in time.

It’s great to just walk up to where my ball is, set down the golf carry bag, choose the club I need and take the shot. 

What are my first impressions of the Callaway Chev?

The Callaway Chev Golf Stand Bag is extremely lightweight, coming in at just 5.5lbs or 2.4kgs. This makes it really easy to walk around with after you have filled it with clubs, balls, waterproofs and your sandwiches. Not to mention the obligatory ‘Birdie Flask’.

callaway stand bag
Callaway Chev Golf Bag

I chose the Black/Titanium/White colour combination which allows for a subtle bag, that doesn’t go around shouting “hey, look at me!” 

Callaway work hard to provide varied colour selections and there is certainly a choice for you, whatever your personality.

Made from a heavy duty, yet lightweight nylon material, the Callaway Chev Golf Stand bag is a tough golf bag, and it needs to be. Several times a week, mine is thrown in the car and taken to the range. It is stored in the garage, which is not the friendliest of environments, and then there are the rounds of golf on top.

So far it has kept my clubs safe and still looks like new several weeks into the winter season.

Is the Callaway Chev easy to use?

Yes. As you would expect from any of the golf carry bags, the Callaway Chev Stand bag is really easy to live with. The top is divided into 7 sections to accommodate all your clubs, from the woods, down to three or more wedges.

In my bag I have the Ping G30 SF Tech Driver, a Callaway Steelhead 4 Hybrid, my Callaway Apex Pro irons (3i-PW), three Callaway Macdaddy Wedges, and my Ping Anser Putter. In addition to the clubs I have a tube of alignment sticks too.

All these are kept in a neat and tidy fashion, with their shafts protected by the padded dividers. They also benefit from having full length dividers so the handles don’t get all tangled up.

There is a nice moulded grab handle at the top of the bag, and another corded one at the stand bags base. These allow for easy lifting in and out of the car, and makes the golf stand bag a breeze to move around.

The 4 point harness is easily adjustable and has plenty of padding around the shoulder area. Slipping the bag on as you walk is effortless and there is plenty of adjustment, so you can get the bag in just the right comfortable position with minimal effort.

One thing I did notice, is how important it is to get the bag sat correctly on your back. If you don’t do this, not only will you hurt your back, but you’ll also not benefit from the padded section on the bag for your middle back.

Does it have plenty of pockets?

Coming from using a trolley, I was a little concerned about how I was going to store all my store, plus how I was going to carry it all. At my age I have to be more careful as my back isn’t as strong as it used to be, and injuries take a lot longer to heal.

The Callaway Chev Golf Stand Bag has 6 pockets including a velour lined valuables pocket which is waterproof to boot.

You have a small pocket for tees, ball markers and pencils etc. Another one for balls, gloves. A large full height pocket for the waterproofs or Gillets and then the others are within easy reach as you walk, so you can grab your water bottle and snacks etc.

On the side there is also a towel loop which you can feed your towel through, although I use a carabiner clip on mine which helps me unclip the towel for easy club cleaning. I also have a club brush to clean all the grooves after a nice divot has been taken.

Also you have a facility to carry an umbrella. An elasticated loop holds the umbrella securely whilst the tip has a secured corded loop at the base of the bag, and an adjustable cord tie at the top. You may, like me, make a decision on the day as to whether you need to carry the umbrella around with you. There is no sense in adding extra weight unnecessarily.

All in all the usability is simple and impressive. And aswell as carrying the normal stuff for during my round, the bag also accomodates my golf practice gear too.

What I loved about this bag

I wanted a simple, unobtrusive lightweight carry bag that was great value for money and to be honest, the Callaway Chev Stand Bag has delivered just that.

Don’t get me wrong there are better bags out there. Some have elasticated, shock absorbing straps, others have special tops that grab and secure the clubs, but they are also a lot more expensive.

The Callaway Chev Stand Bag comes in eight different colour combinations to suit every need, and each has a colour matching rain hood that keeps the clubs dry, yet allows relatively easy access to the weapon of choice.

So far I am a few weeks into using the bag and it is still looking like new. With a price point sat firmly in the middle of the market, I can certainly recommend it.

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