Ian Allen

Just an average guy that’s passionate about golf

About ‘In The Rough Golf’

My name is Ian Allen and I am a long suffering, yet passionate golfer. 

I love the game and especially the arena within which it’s played. Over the years my passion for golf has allowed me to enjoy scenery and places that I would otherwise never enjoy. 

The act of swinging a club is another element that brings the golfer and course together. The beauty of a well struck iron shot, the feeling of a well placed chip and the excitement of that drive on the 1st Tee, is literally what gets me motivated to go out all year to play. 

I’m passionate about learning and I love share what knowledge I have. Through this site I can give you some valuable information that I know will change your game in some way shape or form. And I truly hope that I can help you enjoy the game I love, a little more.

My Story

I have been playing golf for nearly 30 years. Yet, like nearly 80% of the millions of people that play the game, I can only dream of playing off scratch and paring a golf course.

Over these long suffering years I had visited many coaches. Some were from my local clubs or driving ranges, others were ex tour players. Yet my game never really improved in teh long term. Like many, my game seem to always slip back into a ‘default’ setting.

Then one day, by accident, I discovered a small difference between the swing of a professional golfer and an amateur that blew me away. Just one little act, movement if you will, that not only helped me shoot half my handicap, but made me realise that perhaps traditional coaching isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Since that day, I have decided to make it my goal to maintain a single figure handicap and shoot par. I might never make the latter, but in the last 2 years I have gone from shooting scores in the high 90’s, to breaking 80. I am understanding elements of the swing, which I was never taught, and which are never really discussed unless you are at the professional level. Yet by implementing these changes and following a better understanding, I am hitting the ball more consistently and more confidently.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

My Mission

Have you ever stood over the ball and filled your mind with dozens of swing thoughts. Thoughts that started with “Don’t….?” 

  • Don’t go into the trees
  • Don’t land in the water
  • Don’t break your wrist
  • Don’t take the club back on the inside
  • Don’t slice the ball
  • Don’t hook the ball
  • Don’t hit it fat
  • Don’t miss the fairway
  • Don’t miss the green.

Yep me too when I was a 21 handicap and I hated playing golf. Now I’m starting to shoot in the 70’s and looking for that single figure handicap, and I want to help you to do that too.

My mission through www.intheroughgolf.com is to show you better ways to practice with a purpose. Help you understand your game through your strengths and weaknesses. Help you see that by not making those 20’ putts, you are in fact, closer to a scratch golfer than you think. I also want you to see that your mind is the biggest club in your bag. And not allowing your ego to caddy you and mastering your thoughts, you can make the biggest change of all.

I want to play my best golf, don’t you want to as well?

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